Creating competent Company Secretaries to serve the nation by providing equal opportunity to all the students of the Institution.


Providing right direction with practicality among the aspirants through the means of effective training and capability enhancement methods to full fill their dreams from time to time.


To develop high caliber professionals for facilitating good Corporate Governance to match the demands of the Corporate Sector of India.

  1. Inclusion of talented student aspirants to the course

  2. Provide course related services to the students

  3. Organize Training Program for students

  4. Organize Professional Development program

  5. Organize or assist in programs, seminars, conventions and conferences and other Program organized by the Institute

  6. Provide library facilities

  7. Provide classroom teaching, or virtual classroom facility or any other mode

  8. Development of Professional Company Secretaries

  9. Facilitating Examination related support

  1. Motivating more students to join the course irrespective of medium of their education

  2. Selecting the finally registered students after attending the Webinar on CSEET conducted by the College.

  3. Final selection of the students to the course through Preliminary Test of the College for CSEET.

  4. Selection or rejection of a student to the course is at the discretion of the College.

  5. Providing support for admission and for registration to the course

  6. Arranging Mock Tests for effective preparation for CSEET

  7. Practical preparation and confidence building for facing Viva Voce Examination

  8. Mobilizing Class room teaching support in different modes to the students

  9. Supply of Study Material for all subjects of the CSEET Course

  10. Conduction of regular Chapter based MCQ online Tests for all subjects

  11. Special counselling to those students who needs extra support to make the students face the course.