Grievance Redressal Committee

The Grievance Redressal Cell serves as a dedicated forum for addressing both academic and non-academic concerns raised by students. Its primary objectives include:
  1. Providing a platform for students to voice their academic and non-academic issues effectively.
  2. Soliciting feedback and suggestions from students to enhance various aspects of the institution.
  3. Taking proactive measures to address grievances and implement necessary improvements.

Students are encouraged to utilize designated channels, such as the campus contact mail or suggestion box, to submit their feedback and grievances constructively. The cell carefully evaluates all complaints, ensuring confidentiality, and provides timely resolutions or suggestions during regular meetings.
S.No.Name of Committee MembersDesignationEmail IDMobile No.
1Dr. Arundhati
2Dr. K.V. Somanadh`
3Prof. A.V.
4Dr. R.A.
5Dr. Anupama
6Dr. Y.L.
7Dr. Revati
8Mr. Pravin
9Ms. Radha
10Ms. Nalini