Rules and Regulations


As per the Government decision(R-8133/13), the college has been given the status of The Hindi Linguistic Minority U=Institute. Therefore students seeking admission to G. S. College will be given admission as per the following rules and regulations:

  • Out of the total grant courses seats, 50% seats are reserved for Hindi speaking students domiciled in Maharashtra.
  • Out of the total Non- grant courses seats, 51% seats are reserved for Hindi speaking students domiciled in Maharashtra.
  • Admission for the above mentioned reserved seats will be strictly on merit basis.
  • Non-Minority seats shall be filled in accordance with State Government Reservation Rules.
  • If minority seats are not filled up to cut-off date, admission will be granted to non-minority students on the merit basis as per the notified programme.
  • Minority students will have to produce evidence of belonging to Hindi Speaking group/community. If a student unable to produce any such evidence/proof, he/she has to produce a declaration form of belonging to a Hindi speaking group/community on a stamp paper worth Rs. 100/-.



  • It is compulsory for the students (boys and girls) from Class XI to M.Com. to wear uniform prescribed by the college.
  • All the students should wear their Identity Cards.
  • If a student is caught engaged in ragging or any other activity equivalent to ragging in the college campus, criminal offence will be charged against the concerned students.
  • If any changes in education fee take place as per the Government orders, it will be applicable to all the students who have taken admission to the college.
  • The principal has power to refuse admission or cancel the admission once granted if a student’s is found guilty of gross misconduct or misbehavior or any act of indiscipline, or found guilty of using unfair means in the college examination for which disciplinary action has been taken.
  • No applicant for admission can claim admission as a matter of right on the basis of ex-studentship of this college. Once the examination for which a student’s is admitted, is over he/she shall cease to be a student of this college, whether he/she has actually appeared for the said examination or not and irrespective of the fact that he/she has not taken his/her transfer certificate from the college.