About Program:

Idea of GS: LEAD has been initiated to impart knowledge of recent trends to our students in the area of Commerce & Management. Formal Activities of GS: LEAD started on 08/03/2023.This initiative will provide a strong training so that our students will lead towards overall development. This course will also help students to understand various concepts in the field of commerce & management in a new way with the help of fun & learn activities. As nowadays industries are constantly undergoing rapid innovations, hence there are new sets of Skills required by industry. It is in this context that the industry needs dynamic Personnel who possess different kinds of skills, so the primary objective of this initiative will be helping students in developing various sets of skills since inception.

 Objectives of GS: LEAD


  • To develop an understanding of various aspects of Commerce & Management in order to acquire the ability to apply such knowledge in decision making.
  • To develop an understanding of concept in the context of business to acquire the ability to address application-oriented issues.
  • To conduct various activities which will help students in developing presentation skills along with analytical Skills.
  • To make the students able to understand different concepts comes under the field of commerce & management but not covered in syllabus.


 Executive Committee: GS-Lead

The executive committee has been appointed for the current academic session only.           


Dr. Arundhati Ninawe       (Principal)



Ms. Radha Tiwari         (Asst. Professor)



Ms. Rajeshwari Sharma  (Asst.Professor)  



Ms. Srushti Tadas    (B. Com Sem-II Section-A)



Ms. Gauri Mahajan  (B. Com Sem-II Section-D)



Ms. Amruta Andansare  (B. Com Sem-II Section -C)



Activities of GS: LEAD 

 List of Proposed Activities:

  • Personality Development and Communication Skills
  • GS Youth Information Network
  • Company Analysis
  • Commerce & Management Quiz
  • Entre – Mun
  • JAM
  • Commerce & Mgt. Marathon


 Yearly Reports: