DAMS (MBA Department)

Department of Advanced Management Studies, G. S. College of Commerce, Wardha is an institution persistently offering a better future to its management students. DAMS have been successfully engaged in taking ahead the vision of its parent organization Shiksha Mandal – ‘Aadananhi Visargaya’ (Whatever gained, is for sharing).

Education turns meaningless when it loses the moral fiber. Highest virtues are always imbibed through education, inside and outside the walls of classroom at DAMS. It is a proud part of the distinguished education institute G. S. College of Commerce, Wardha and commits to “Strive for Excellence” with its faculties and valuable guidance from the management and trustees.

In the journey, MBA department can surely be seen in more action as it has been on the toes throughout the year to execute all the events happened at its platform. Honorable chair and the students have always been the source of inspiration that kept the Department accelerating at its pace. Continued support received from our Chairman Shri. Sanjay Bhargava and Principal Dr. Arundhati Ninawe have led the Department to take a higher leap.

We are pleased to introduce our department at its intense dedication towards creating able managers of virtue, integrity and a suitable fit for the needs of industry.


“ To impart high quality education and to provide opportunities for research in the field of management studies with a view to develop future managers having excellent managerial skills, character, discipline, integrity & loyalty emerge as entrepreneurs or business leaders”.

Our Values

It is an institution for and of such teachers who want to learn & upgrade their capabilities and potential. Merit is an important value for us. It is recognized and supported. So is honesty! We practice simplicity & frugality, even essentials are in place. We believe in equality of opportunity. No meritorious student is denied admission for lack of financial resources