Place of Higher Learning and Research


Reaching the pinnacles of the research arena by way of global standards augmentation and establishing the college in to a dream spot for research where effective research is conducted in social sciences and the brand image of the institution is established as a consultancy.


Leveraging the academic experience of the institution and the industrial exposure of the management, committed and effective faculty engaged in active research, providing better infrastructural facilities, supplementing the social needs, meeting the social responsibility and thereby improving the standards of research continuously.


  • To promote research activities among the faculty and students
  • To provide the information about seminars/conferences/workshops
  • To maintain continuous rapport with the faculty to input research aptitude
  • To assist faculty and students in the research work and provide facilities for effective research
  • To solve the problems of the researchers during their course of research work
  • To monitor the progress of the research work undertaken by the students and faculty
  • To create effective research environment in the institution


  • Providing awareness about the Ph.D. Admissions and research methodology and tools and techniques.
  • Collecting the information of seminars/workshops/conferences.
  • Creating equal opportunities to the faculty and students for participation.
  • Provision of information on research projects offered by UGC and other agencies.
  • Assisting researchers/ faculty doing Ph.D. and other research works.