2.7 Student Satisfaction Survey 2021-22


  1. Should provide internships, industry tours, industry demanded knowledge.
  2. Should have choice of selecting the elective subjects.
  3. Elective subjects should be changed to indemand subjects like auditing, etc
  4. Student should be given chances to appear for university trials for sports such as cricket and in college also such sports should be organised.
  5. Events of some brain games and puzzles like Rubik’s Cube should be organised to enhance the student’s mental ability, focus, etc.”
  6. Best learning institute
  7. could be better
  8. Do not do partiality between students and should give chance to every student and helps them to clear their vision for their future. And teachers should be polite with students so that student will never scare to ask any question regarding to their syllabus or regarding to their future. Politeness is must.
  9. Everything is good
  10. Excellent
  11. Excellent experience.
  12. Faculties are at their best every faculty is a gem for the institution but students who are the source of wrong habits to the class students are just roaming free and making others to inculcate the same and demotivating them tooo..so I just want Faculties to to show actions toward them
  13. Good
  14. I am g.s collage of commerce student this collage is excellent, encourages students a lot.and where this distinction is not made. Teaching is best but except some teachers otherwise overall very good, always support and encourage students.
  15. I have agree in these questions
  16. I have agree this question
  17. I like the way of teaching. But I think you can improve your teaching.
  18. I personally feel that teachers are good communication are good , but now it’s not develop my communication skill , my soft skills . teaching are very good but some time course are not complete on time , before one day of paper teachers send PDF on group , now I am not learning new things , I am only learning what I have in the book but still my teachers are good , and all teachers teach us in a very effective way … Thank u …
  19. I’m Satisfied with Institutional Performance.
  20. It’s very good
  21. Must cover complete syllabus and also provide some extra knowledge regarding that subject
  22. My experience for this is really good teachers staff was very nice also clg is very good teaching is best as compare to other colleges thanks GS college
  23. No
  24. Overall quality of good
  25. Overall teaching and learning experience was very good
  26. Overall teaching are good but some time we won’t more better
  27. Just want all students to take inective in that IQAC
  28. Teachers are not teaching and coordinating well
  29. Teachers can give us real life examples to get understand the concept deeply
  30. Teachers have to understand the situation and problem of students and encourage them instead of yelling.
  31. the institution makes effort to engage students in the monitoring, review and continuous quality improvement of the teaching learning process
  32. “There should be some trips/visit to industry/manufacturing unit and even some fun trips to other cities to explore & relax
  33. Availability of projectors and screen in class is required
  34. Classroom infrastructure is also poor
  35. Sometimes classes are too overcrowded
  36. There should be some sort of communication mechanism to ask doubts regarding syllabus, exams, results, procedures….. Visiting college for every petty thing is really inconvenient “
  37. They teach well enough to understand every concept. Attending their class is beneficial and worth it. No suggestions!
  38. Very good
  39. Yes
  40. Yes this college is good teaching