Principal’s Message

Greetings and Best Wishes to all. “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” said Plutarch.  Our College Magazine kindles the imagination of our learners. Cradled in the lap of nature, our college through Arthsandesh 2019-20 on one hand projects the Glimpses of the achievements of the students and faculty through their activities and on the other hand the future promises it can deliver to the society as a whole under the Dynamic Leadership of the Parent Institution Shiksha Mandal, Wardha. I congratulate the staff and students who used various mediums of expression to present their ideas. As long as our ideas are expressed and thoughts kindled we can be sure of learning, as everything begins with an idea. I appreciate every student who shared the joy of participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities along with their commitment to curriculum. We wish our students and faculty to ‘Do more than belong – participate. Do more than care – help. Do more than believe – practice. Do more than be fair – be kind. Do more than forgive – forget. Do more than dream – work.’ This also happens to be our Mission continuously in future also.
The Arthsandesh 2019-20 contains the contributions of the students of different classes in English, Marathi and Hindi languages along with the significant achievements of the students and faculty of the college through the different departments/ cells of the college. The academic year 2019-20 has become a centre point for several achievements and activities. The N.C.C. wing of our college has got a pride of deputing one of its cadets to the Republic Day Parade at New Delhi in a consecutive 3rd year. Apart from that More campus recruitments, Student participation and achievements in several competitions across the country, NAAC Third Cycle Accreditation, Organisation of Seminars/Workshops/Events at Regional, National and International level, University Merit list performances by students in several courses are some of the highlights of this year. Even in the present Covid-19 Pandemic situation our college has geared up to deliver the things in innovative and online approaches to the student fraternity with the commitment of ever better service and ultimate reach and benefit to upgrade the status and stand on the part of the institution by strictly adhering to the guidelines of the government and the parent institution from time to time. Wishing every stakeholder of this institution to be safe and stay healthy by praying the God Almighty to overcome the present Pandemic situation successfully, I remain highly indebted to everyone who contributes for the success of this institution for ever. Thanking you all.
With warn regards
Dr. Anil Ramteke
Principal (Officiating)