Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

College follows a set of procedures and policies for proper maintenance and effective utilization of physical, academic and support facilities on regular basis through various committees including college development committee, library committee, sports committee, purchase committee, campus development committee etc. Proposals to add, replace, upgrade facilities are put to the college development committee and are approved as per the budget allocated to them for a particular financial year.

Library FacilitiesThe Library acquire, process and organise the resources for the users. Every year a Library Budget is allocated on the basis of students admitted in the academic year.  On the basis of recommendation of the faculty and the students the various books of various authors are purchased. The reference books and other books of interest and knowledge such as competitive examination, aptitude tests, and recreation are also taken in to consideration for acquiring the books. The Journals of various subjects and magazines are also subscribed in the library. The Library Committee meets frequently and guide the Librarian for the managing, acquiring the resources and, effective and optimum use of library. The Library Committee advices regarding the financial planning of the library. The library is partially computerised with the LIBMAN Library Management software. The library comprises books and journals and periodicals in commerce, management and other related disciplines. The library has subscribed the e-resources INFLIBNET through N-List Programme under this, members are provided free access to the e-resources more than 2100 electronic journals and 51,000 e-books and databases.
  1. For effective utilization of library services each students are allotted two BT cards for issuing books. On the request of user an extra B T card is also provided.
  2. Books on Deposit Scheme to provide them books during Exam Period
  3. Books on Credit Scheme for financially weaker students
  4. Book exhibitions are organised on various occasions and new arrivals are displayed.
  5. The students are trained for using the OPAC.
  6. Computer, Printer and Internet facility for its members
  7. The library orientation and user education is provided to the students.
  8. The various activities are carried out to promote the library resources.
Sports Facilities
Sports Committee ensures proper purchasing of sports equipment and maintaining adequate infrastructure to prepare students for different sports events. All sports equipment purchased are maintained in stock books and its consumption during the academic year is written off from stock book. Students are issued necessary sports equipment and material on requisition made by them. They have to return sports equipment and material at the end of Academic Year.
  1. Introduction of New Sports Event with guidance of Expert Trainer
  2. Continuous Practice sessions of different sports events.
  3. Purchase and utilization of sports equipment
  4. Preparing students for various state, national and international level of sports event
  5. Maintenance of Sports facilities

Maintenance  of sports equipments :-
  1. Maintenance of equipments by keeping proper in racks and almirahs and boxes at storeroom.
  2. All rackets equipment, balls, player’s uniforms and heavy equipment were put separately in almirahs. The repair equipments were repaired and those equipments  needs regular maintenance can be done by oiling and greasing. All unused equipment were sorted out and make right off .After every fifteen day the storeroom made clean, and put nepthelinball to protect the equipment from any damage by rat . New purchase sports equipments were written in stock book and in session ending stock book is updated , in use and unused equipments were sorted ,with the permission of sports equipment purchase committee unused material were written off.
  1. Purchase of sports equipments :-
  2. In starting of new academic session as per last year closing balance in stock book the list of required sports equipment  and the quantity were finalized in meeting with department  staff. Take the permission from Principal to purchase Invites quotation from sports material supplier farm.
  1. Create the comparative statement of quotation.
  2. College sports material purchase committee finalized the farm, material company and quantity. By placing the purchase order material were purchased from sports fees fund.
  1. Maintenance of ground/play fields :-
  2. Maintenance of play fields  by spreading ground Soil Watering and Rolling Maintenance of football, Korfball, kho-kho kabaddi, Ballbadminton ground by spreading  ground Soil, Watering, and Rolling and spreading chemical fertilizer.
  1. Development of ground/ Play fields :-
  2. Development of Sports facilities by the Collected Amount of Sports Fees (fund) as per direction of university. Developed Volleyball court by college Sports fees. Developed Ball-badminton court, Kho- kho  by college Sports fees. Conducting Coaching camps for different game.
  1. Mentoring sport talent :-
  2. The merit students identified were given special attention for their coaching. Provide facilities to students The play ground, equipment’s or other infrastructure of college was made available to these players. The Football shoes.  Fencing kit, Badminton rackets, Ball- Badminton rackets,  were provided for a year to Player students by the department. Chess board was issued each member of chess team  & New chess Learner
Digital InfrastructureDigital infrastructure of college includes smart board, computers, CCTVs, internet facilities and other peripherals. Technical staff and Computer Lab Assistant ensure proper maintenance of digital infrastructure including upgradation of hardware and software of all computers. It is the duty of computer lab assistant to maintain proper records of the person utilizing the digital facilities in computer lab.
  1. Orientation is given to students regarding digital facilities available.
  2. Preparation of basic course to promote literacy amongst staff and students
  3. Use of digital infrastructure for online Orientation Programme, FDP’s etc.
  4. Solving issues as and when arising related to digital infrastructure in various departments
  5. Facilitating the use of ICT tools in teaching-learning process in classroom and labs.

Other Physical FacilitiesSafety at workplace is utmost important and necessary facilities are arranged to take care of safety measures. The entire campus is secured with facility of CCTV’s and services of security guards 24/7. The college has adequate number of fire extinguishers at proper places in case of any issue arising out of fire. For entire college campus cleaning, yearly contract is being given which ensures proper cleaning of college campus. The college also has facilities of rain water harvesting and waste management.
  1. Yearly contract of Security and Security Services
  2. AMC of CCTV Cameras and facilities
  3. Property and Burglary Insurance of college Assets
  4. Daily contract of other related matters such as plumbing work, repair of equipment and furniture etc.
The maintenance of other infrastructure and learning resources are done by technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and painters etc as and when required.