7.2.1 – (2021-22)Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format provided in the Manual.

Best Practice 1 -Hobby Club




The objectives of a hobby club can vary depending on its specific focus and the interests of its members. However, here are some common objectives that hobby clubs often aim to achieve:

  1. Promote and Share Interests: The primary objective of a hobby club is to bring together individuals who share a common interest or passion. It provides a platform for members to connect with like-minded people and share their enthusiasm for a particular hobby.
  2. Skill Development: Many hobby clubs focus on helping members improve their skills and knowledge related to the hobby. This could involve organizing workshops, tutorials, or expert-led sessions to enhance participants’ abilities.
  3. Create a Supportive Community: Hobby clubs foster a sense of community and belonging among members. They offer a supportive environment where individuals can freely discuss their hobby, seek advice, and share experiences without judgment.
  4. Encourage Regular Practice: Being part of a hobby club can motivate members to engage in their hobby more regularly. Regular meetings and interactions with fellow enthusiasts can encourage individuals to pursue their interests consistently.
  5. Organize Events and Activities: Hobby clubs often plan and participate in events, outings, or competitions related to the hobby. These activities can provide members with opportunities to showcase their skills and passion to a broader audience.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Hobby clubs can offer networking opportunities, connecting members with others who might share similar interests in related fields. This can lead to new friendships, collaborations, or even professional opportunities.
  7. Cultivate Creativity: Participation in a hobby club can stimulate creativity. By engaging with others and learning new perspectives, members may be inspired to explore new ideas or approaches within their hobby.
  8. Stress Relief and Relaxation: Hobbies are often enjoyable and relaxing activities. Being part of a hobby club allows members to unwind, de-stress, and find a positive outlet for their energies.
  9. Promote Healthy Living: Depending on the hobby, clubs can contribute to promoting physical or mental well-being. For instance, sports-related hobby clubs encourage physical fitness, while creative hobbies can enhance mental well-being.
  10. Contribute to the Community: Some hobby clubs undertake community service projects or charitable initiatives related to their interests. This allows members to use their hobbies to give back to society and make a positive impact.
  11. Discover New Hobbies: Hobby clubs can also introduce members to new hobbies or interests they might not have considered before. Exposure to diverse activities can broaden horizons and lead to new passions.
  12. Personal Fulfillment: Ultimately, a key objective of a hobby club is to provide members with a sense of personal fulfillment and happiness through engaging in activities they love with others who share their enthusiasm

The Context :

The Hobby club was formed to bring people with shared interests together and foster a sense of community. Whether it’s a long-standing hobby or a newly emerging one. Our hobby club provides student a platform for members to learn, share experiences, and enjoy their passion together.

The Practice :

The Hobby Club is being started in college. Hobby clubs are planned to explore the interest of students in various hobbies. Music, dance, drama, painting, reading, elocution, creative writing, photography, art craft will give scope to the talents that have been adopted in the students through this, the cultural value is realized through personality development. Along with the readiness to work collectively and cooperatively, along with these qualities, the observation power, memory, and imagination of the students should be increased to create students with good taste. Students will enjoy self-creation and innovation by providing various art activities and project creation opportunities. The skills of using different types of materials and techniques are acquired, thus helping students develop a professional attitude. By encouraging the college students’ various activities can be implemented to develop the latent qualities of hand skills, imagination, and creativity in them.

In this session 20 21- 22, a total of 300 students have registered and participated in this hobby club. These students have participated in many activities.

  1. *Music* – Various competitions, introduction to different styles of singing, introduction to folk songs, collection of various folk songs by students, organization of various music subject programs of the institute.
  2. *Creative Writing* College Wallpaper “Sarvankash” Student Blogs, Poetry Festivals, Storytelling
  3. *Speech *Preparation of competition, presentation, coordination
  4. *Painting* Introduction to different styles of painting Indian and Western, painting by style on different subjects, college beautification mural painting, public place mural painting, social message painting.
  5. *Reading*-Different experiments in reading, book absorption, examination
  6. *Dance, Drama*- Various competitions, introduction of dance styles, various experiments on drama, street drama, advertisement presentation
  7. *Art Craft*- Numerous works of art using paper, cloth, stone, teaching these works in terms of business, workshops, exhibitions for the promotion of handicrafts.

Evidence of Success :

  1. 8-12-2021 “Warli Painting workshop” held at Krishnadas Jaju Gramin Seva College, Pipri   Wardha Students gave a painting demonstration. Murals created by -student-3
  2. 27-1-2022 Poetry Reading on Marathi Language Promotion Fortnight- Participating Students 12 (Programme held online)
  3. 2.3.2022 to11.5.2022 Community Development through Polytechnic Project Skill Development Program Vocational Training Garment Making, Mobile Repairing – Participating Students 32.
  4. 13.3.2022 Launch of students writing movement “Sarvankash” poster : This writing movement is being started with the aim of improving the writing skills of the students and giving them a platform for their stories
  5. MGIRI Community Radio Programme
  • 13.3.22 ‘Stree Ek Prerna’ Swarachit Kavyachan – Participating Students 9
  • 30.4.22 Bhajan program on the birth anniversary of Tukdoji Maharaj – Participating students five
  • 1.5.22 Powada Presentation on Maharashtra Day – Participating Students 12
  • 7.5.22 Kavyanjali program on the occasion of Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti – Participating students two
Problems Encountered :
  1. Expert or experienced Mentors who can train students as per their hobby.
  2. Fund to procure equipments, honorarium to mentors can limit the scope of club activities and events.
  3. Finding a suitable time and frequency for club meetings that accommodates most members can be difficult.

Resource Required :

  1. Experienced Mentors to conduct workshops or share their knowledge.
  2. Funds for smooth functioning, equipment and training of Hobby club members.

Best Practice 2 - NSE ACADEMY'S Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM)

Duration :

2021-22 (It is a 100-hour training program which is covered for the duration of 3 months)

Objectives :

  • Module-Based Financial Education: To offer specialized modules like “Financial Markets: A Beginner’s Module” and “Commercial Banking in India: A Beginner’s Module” to provide participants with practical and applicable financial knowledge.
  • Identifying Lucrative Investment Opportunities: To identify the most promising investment opportunities, strategically maximizing returns for the program’s participants.
  • Cultivating a Saving Culture: To foster a culture of saving within rural communities, particularly among the youth, by implementing tailored initiatives that encourage regular and disciplined savings habits.
  • Empowering Financial Literacy: To implement comprehensive financial literacy programs for rural youth, empowering them to understand money management intricacies, make informed financial decisions, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Sustainable Development: To inspire and support rural youth to invest their financial resources thoughtfully, ensuring the progress not only of their well-being but also of their communities’ overall development.
  • Holistic Skill Development: To equip rural students with a diverse range of financial skills, such as budgeting, investing, and risk management, to enable them to navigate various financial situations confidently.
  • Long-Term Financial Security: To implant a sense of financial responsibility among rural youth, empowering them to secure their financial future and contribute to the long-term prosperity of their families and communities.

The Context :

In the current era of specialization, these certifications play a crucial role in equipping finance professionals with the necessary skills to carry out their duties efficiently. They serve as a valuable tool for enhancing expertise and knowledge in the finance sector. Moreover, these certifications are not limited to professionals alone; they also attract students and other individuals interested in gaining insights and practical know-how of financial markets. Such knowledge proves immensely valuable when making well-informed investment decisions or pursuing a career in finance.
Before the introduction of the NCFM exam, formal education in the finance domain was limited in India. However, with the rapid emergence of specialized areas within finance, formal education has become essential. This is where the significance of NCFM modules truly shines. They bridge the gap by offering structured and specialized training, catering to the diverse needs of the finance industry.
The NCFM certifications have become a benchmark for individuals seeking to excel in their finance careers. With the changing landscape of finance and the need for specialized expertise, NCFM modules have become an indispensable resource for aspiring professionals and seasoned practitioners alike. By providing a comprehensive and practical understanding of various financial aspects, NCFM empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of the finance world with confidence and competence.

The Practice :

The process begins by accepting applications from students aspiring to enrol in the NCFM courses. Aspirants are provided with offline forms to fill in the required information. Once the forms are completed, they are submitted, along with the exam fees, to the administration department.
Upon receiving the applications, we proceed with registering the students on the main NCFM site (https://www.ncfm-india.com/ORE/OREloginPage.jsp). Concurrently, we commence the training programs tailored to the specific syllabus of each module batch.
The training includes comprehensive classes covering the chapters outlined in the syllabus. Additionally, hands-on practical training is provided, allowing students to gain practical experience in the subject matter. Case studies are also an integral part of the training, enabling students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.
By following this sequence of steps, we ensure a smooth and organized process for enrollment and training, facilitating students’ journey towards gaining valuable expertise in their chosen NCFM modules.  

Evidence of Success :

As students receive comprehensive guidance and training in Banking, Finance, Investment, and related fields, they gain profound clarity about the dynamic world of finance. This newfound knowledge often sparks a passion that propels them towards higher education, with many choosing to pursue an MBA in Finance to delve deeper into the intricacies of the financial realm.
The transformation is truly remarkable! As they step into the corporate world, they carry with them a wealth of expertise and a burning ambition to make a difference. They serve organizations with dedication and excellence, leaving a positive impact on the studied field. Witnessing the growth and success of these students fills us with immense pride. Their accomplishments at a significant level bring joy to our hearts. Each individual’s journey is a testament to the power of education and the potential that lies within them. The world of finance awaits the brilliance of these young minds, and we are confident that they will continue to shine brightly, leaving a trail of success wherever they go. As they scale new heights, they inspire us all to believe in the boundless possibilities that education and determination can unlock. To our accomplished students, we say: Embrace your passion and let it fuel your aspirations. The path ahead is filled with opportunities waiting to be seized by those who dare to dream big. Continue making us proud, and may your journey be one of relentless growth and exceptional achievements!

Problems Encountered & Resources Required :

During the years, we have successfully conducted one batch of our program, and the journey has been both fulfilling and enlightening. However, we believe that there is still untapped potential, and our course is eager for more resources to make it even more impactful. One of our key requirements is simulation software, which will enable us to conduct training sessions with greater efficiency and practicality.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have encountered a challenge in our locality. Many students here are not fully aware of the vast opportunities that the finance sector holds. Consequently, the number of registrations has been limited. But we remain undeterred! We see immense potential and are determined to overcome this obstacle.

We are relentlessly working to spread awareness and reach out to more students, inspiring them to explore the incredible world of finance. We firmly believe that this course has the power to transform lives and open doors to a bright and promising future.