Learning Resource Centre (Library)

Shiksha Mandal’s

G.S. College of Commerce, Wardha 

Learning Resource Centre

The college was established in the year 1940. Likewise the library of the college came into existence on the same year. Initially it was housed in Gandhi Gyan Mandir nearby the college. It is the famous and oldest library in Vidarbha famous for its collection on commerce, management and other related subjects. The library is serving in acquisition, organisation and dissemination of knowledge.
Presently the library is housed in 364.56 Sq. Feet. The library is organized according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), Sear’s list of Subject Headings and Anglo-American Cataloguing scheme. The Library is using LIBMAN (Library Management Software) for Housekeeping operations. The Circulation of Books is through the software and Bar Code System is applied for the easy and fast transactions.
Library plays an important role in an academic institution towards the teaching–Learning and research activities. The college library also facilitates foods to its members for their knowledge hunger. The library caters the need of its academia and serves them in an effective and fruitful way in order to achieve the desired goal of the institution. Our college library is no exception to this. The library works as a knowledge hub for its members. The library made available adequate infrastructure to meet its requirements.
The library is computerised with the LIBMAN Library Management software from The Masters Software, a Nagpur based company. The library staff continuous tries for the improvement of quality of library services and facilities. The library always strives to achieve higher degree of user’s satisfaction and modernization of its activities, services and operations.
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