Code of Conduct

  1. Students passing qualifying examination from any UGC approved university other than RTM Nagpur University. Nagpur shall be admitted subject to                                                                                                                                          –Submission of Eligibility Certificate from Nagpur University                                                                                                  –Submission of duly filled in Enrollment Form of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur along with immigration fees prescribed by University.
  2. A student admitted to Management course is not allowed to appear in any course other than the course which he/ she is admitted.
  3. Uniform for MBA student is compulsory.(For details contact office)
  4. Fine shall be imposed on the students who have of attendance and who skip Guest Lectures, sessional examinations, field visits, official programmes, etc, without any valid reason. The amount of fine shall be notified on the notice board for late submission of SIP Project & Home assignment.
  5. The Principal has absolute power to expel any student from the Department if the student misbehaves or is involved in ragging, anti-social activities, or any other activities causing damage to reputation of the institute.
  6. No financial claim of refund of caution money will be allowed after the lapse of 3 years.
  7. Every student shall abide by the instructions issued both in general as well as in special cases by the Director/ Principal and the members of the staff.
  8. The library books must be handled properly and returned on the dates prescribed to avoid fine. A fine ofRs. 1 per day will be imposed for delay of every book.
  9. Every student shall make proper use of college building, furniture, equipment. and any other amenities. Any student found guilty of causing damage to the property will be recovered from him/her.
  10. Consumption of alcoholic items and tobacco products are strictly prohibited.
  11. Students are advised to read the notices notified on Notice Board from time to time.
  12. Internal assessment marks are given on the basis of participation in seminar, G.D., Classroom attendance, Test / Sessionals examination. Home assignment & Viva-Voce/ Field Visit and general conduct and behavior.
  13. Fees, Fines and other charges shall be deposited by the student to Cashier / Accountant in the office of MBA Dept. and receipt must be obtained for the same. Any irregularity observed must be brought to the notice of the Director.
  14. Uniform: Students arc allowed on the campus only in their full uniforms. They are instructed to wear the prescribed mode of Uniform at all times within the institution.
  15. Identity Cards: Separate Identity Cards are provided for each student studying in this Institution. They have to wear their identity cards at all times within the institution.
  16. Grievance Redressal Committee: is conducted to ensure transparency in admissions and preventing unfair practices.
  17. Women’s Grievance Redressal Cell: has been constituted to maintain friendly working environment for women employees and students.
  18. Ragging Notice: All the students are notified that as per orders of The Honorable Supreme Court, Ragging in any form anywhere inside the college premises is prohibited strictly. Any student of MBA found involved in any such type of activity shall be debarred from the college immediately and the case shall be reported to police authority for further penal action.