7.3 Distinctiveness – 2022-23

Empowering Future Professionals: A Multifaceted Approach to Career Readiness

The institution provides a comprehensive range of more than 15 courses, equipping future professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in diverse industries. Our institution excels in preparing students for lucrative job positions in various industries to meet industry demands. The Business English Course equips students with the language proficiency crucial for effective communication in professional settings.

The Certificate Program in Banking, Finance, and Insurance prepares students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required for roles in the banking and insurance sectors. The NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets and the National Institute of Securities Markets provide specialized knowledge and credentials essential for careers in finance, investment, and securities trading.

Courses such as Ms-Excel 2021 and Tally Prime enhance students’ technical proficiency, essential for data management, financial analysis, and accounting tasks in modern workplaces. Moreover, the Government Diploma in Cooperation and Accountancy offers specialized training in cooperative management and accounting practices.

Additionally, our institution offers a wide range of skill upgrading courses, English-speaking, soft-skill development programs, effective communication skill programs, and computer literacy programs, ensuring that students possess a well-rounded skill set desired by employers across various sectors.