English Department – English Speaking Skill Course

About English Speaking Skill Course

English language plays an essential role in our lives as it helps in communication. It is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. English is important for students as it broadens their minds, develops emotional skills, improve the quality of life by providing job opportunities.

Moreover, the use of English as an International language is growing with time because it is the only medium for communication in many countries. English is also used widely in the literature and media section to publish books, most of the writers write in the English language due to the vast majority of readers know only the English language and they can describe their ideas best in the English language.


The vision of this course is to make the students fluent and improve their communication skills.


The Mission statement of this course is to make students learn to build a better vocabulary and fluency which in turn can increase their ability to communicate, to write and to get across ideas and thoughts more effectively among the students to achieve success in their career.

Objectives of Course
  1. To develop fluency
  2. To describe accurately what he/she observes and experiences;
  3. To narrate simple experiences and series of events to convey its essence and intention.       
  4. To speak intelligibly while making statements.
  1. Slogan Activity: At present our students are going away from values and morality. Most of the time they are busy with their mobiles and video games. Slogan activity will help to connect them with the thoughts of our great men. In this activity every student would prepare one slogan and explain the same slogan in English in his/her own words.

  2. Role Playing: In this activity students will play a role of popular personality they      like; and other students would ask him/her questions regarding his  professional, social and personal life. Role Playing activity allows students to act out and make sense of real life situations. It also develops social skills as students collaborate with each other.

  3. Presentation: In this activity students will be asked to prepare a topic of their choice and give a 5 minute  presentation in English. Through this activity students learn how to communicate their message quickly, clearly and successfully in a limited amount of time.

  4. Group Discussion: In this activity there are usually 10-15 students in a group. The group of participants is given a topic and given some time to think and make notes about the same. After this the group of candidates is asked to discuss the topic among them for a specific duration ranging 10-40 minutes. Through this activity students learn to speak with points and seriously on any issue.

Evaluation and Assessment:

Evaluation and Assessment will be done on the basis of written examination or viva voce. This will be simple examination to test the students whether they have understood the things properly.

Certificate will be issued to the candidates  after the successful completion of the course.